Take a second and imagine your ideal companion.

Of course, she’s beautiful, smart, well-dressed, and all the sultry keywords that come to mind when you let your mind wander.  

Perhaps you start to imagine poise and elegance combined with sex-appeal, and now you’re really starting to get somewhere. Does she help you escape your daily grind? Maybe she even enhances it. Does she blend seamlessly into your life, injecting energy, excitement, and good old-fashioned TLC? I’ll bet her slim, toned, gently curving frame fits perfectly into your hands as well. 

If that sounds just right, then look no further. I’m Alexa, and I’m so glad I've caught your interest.

If one thing can be said about me, it’s that I'm adaptable. Whether it’s my ability to shapeshift by playing with my look or my penchant for fitting into your day exactly where you need me, I’m more than malleable. 

I love being your special getaway when you need space away from your daily life. If you’re anything like me, your schedule fills quickly with obligations, and oftentimes it’s hard to take the time to take care of yourself. This is where I come in. I want to make you forget about all of your other commitments, even if for a brief time. Let’s explore and take time for sensual self-care, together.


Looking for a lady who loves to get loud and cheer on your favorite sports team? I absolutely love the energy and excitement of live sports. I’m the consummate cheerleader and love to help you root for your favorite teams.

Maybe sports isn’t on the agenda for you, and you’re more interested in other things. I love all things on stage from opera to ballet to musicals- so don’t be shy about asking me along for the evening. Bonus points if you throw in an adventurous dinner! I love trying new cuisine and am up for just about anything.

Have another black-tie corporate affair you need to attend, but can’t stand the thought of another droll evening filled with numbers, analytics, and shop-talk? While I know all of that is part and parcel with such a night, bringing me along for the evening ensures that at least part of the evening will be exciting. Years spent galavanting abroad combined with a sensible Midwestern upbringing has imbued me with exciting stories to tell alongside the ability to know when and where to tell them. Think of me as an enhancement; I love helping you shine. 

When you’re ready to meet the woman you’ve been imagining, get in touch.

I can’t wait to start planning our time together :)










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